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A Well-Rounded, Experienced Team

Our extensive political and policy experience taught our partner firms how to perform under pressure. We’ve been winning at every level for the past 5 decades.

Meet the Partners

Rich Beeson

Grassroots activator and campaign manager across presidential campaigns

Sheila Berkley

Innovative strategist specializing in grassroots activism, coalition building, and fundraising strategy

Robert Blizzard

One of the top Republican pollsters for U.S. presidential campaigns + corporate image, messaging, and crisis research

Glen Bolger

One of America’s most renowned Republican strategists and pollsters and three-time winner of the “Republican Pollster of the Year”

Phil Cox

One of the nation’s most experienced political operatives, having directed more than 100 campaigns in nearly every state and at every level

John Eberhart

Seasoned, practical accounting leader with a diverse background ranging from small businesses to international companies

Tony Feather

Specialist in direct voter contact for campaigns and issue- oriented clients with grassroots experience across campaigns and administrations

Megan Foote

Experienced corporate issue advocacy leader with broad digital expertise across project management, strategy + execution, and client service

John Gibson

Tenured campaign manager with extensive experience activating grassroots operations and regional coalitions

Liesl Hickey

Award-winning ad producer and experienced public affairs strategist, specializing in winning suburban areas and securing women voters for Republicans

David James

High-level presidential campaign leader with three decades of political and public affairs experience

Marcie Kinzel

Top strategist with over two decades of experience at the intersection of communications and policy

Darrell Lauterbach

Merger + acquisition mastermind with a keen eye towards financial stability and growth

Mike Leavitt

Former Chief of Staff at the RNC with extensive experience across presidential and gubernatorial campaigns

Nicole McCleskey

Top GOP Pollster to gubernatorial campaigns, opinions about female voters and corporate public affairs. 

Bill McInturff

30+ years of survey research across complex public policy issues

Neil Newhouse

One of the Republican Party’s leading pollsters and strategists that has worked in public opinion research for forty years has helped elect dozens of Members of Congress, U.S. Senators, and Governors.

Colm O’Comartun

Key democratic operative across state-focused government relations

Ashley O’Connor

One of the best producers in the advertising business with +20 years political experience

Josh Penry

Former state senator and ballot initiative + campaign strategist based in Denver

Joe Pounder

Communications and research expert who works with Fortune 500 companies and other clients on a range of corporate and public policy challenges

Tim Pollard

Bipartisan fixer across candidate campaigns, advocacy efforts, and policy battles from Denver to DC

Marie Sanderson

Serial entrepreneur and driving force behind many of the most successful political firms with a broad range of experience in policy and relationship management

David Seawright

Data and technology leader with extensive experience applying innovative solutions to public affairs and political campaigns   

Russ Schriefer

Creative communicator that’s shaped winning campaign messages for leading national political figures

James Slepian

Award-winning writer and director who’s produced ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders and major political campaigns

Gene Ulm

Leading Republican political strategist and pollster across federal and national campaigns for more than 35 years

Ray Zaborney

Key advisor and leading political consultant, specializing in campaigns across PA and the Northeast

Jen Zaborney

One of the top fundraisers in the country, leading strategy to raise dollars virtually and increase voter turnout in the age of Covid-19

Michael Bain


GuidePost Strategies

Austin Barbour


Strategic Partners & Media

Caroline Canfield


GuidePost Strategies

Ryan Canfield


GuidePost Strategies

Shannon Chatlos


Strategic Partners & Media

John Davis


GuidePost Strategies

Heath Garrett


Strategic Partners & Media

John Gray


GuidePost Strategies

Chris Hartline



Alexandra Hesse

Brand Support & Marketing


Larissa Martin


GuidePost Strategies

Matthew Mazzone


Ascent Media

Doug Mayer


Strategic Partners & Media

Adam Meldrum



Katherine Neal

Project Management


Roshan Patel


50 State

Brian Rogers


Bullpen Strategy Group

Madi Seaman

Press Support


Laine Striegel


GuidePost Strategies

Ian Walton


50 State

Courtney Weaver

Digital Marketing Lead


Jake Zambrano


76 Group